Fajita Night

April 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


It's 3 in the afternoon and I'm already starting Fajita Night. Because 1 - When there's a toddler in the house you never know how long dinner will take. Prep and cooking can easily last 3 hours and the meal will still be late. And 2 - We're selling our condo.

This is my first post about the long hell that is selling a house, which I'm sure many of you are veterans at, but this is my first rodeo. When a buyer's agent called to ask to show the house during my dinner hour, I of course said, "Nope, please reschedule." My kid's first words in the morning are "meal," and about 30 minutes before dinner he goes bananas, and asks for bananas. There was no way I was interrupting our sacred dinner/bedtime hour for a showing, and besides, it was clearly stated that was outside our showing hours. Long story short - they'll be here tonight. So I'm prepping dinner early so it's only somewhat of a mad rush to cook tonight. I'm considering cooking the whole meal and reheating for dinner, but then the house will smell like Mexican food when they arrive. Maybe not everyone loves fajitas as much as I do? Yeah, right. Maybe I'll leave them some of my world famous guac. 

The complaining is only half-serious, we're in a crazy hurry to sell. Offer vibes!!

So, here's a snapshot of some vibrant cut peppers. Don't colorful veggies make the best food photos? Or maybe desserts do. I'll get you a pic of my cheesecake and you can decide. 





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