Formal Photo Shoot - Baltimore Portrait Photographer

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Aditya came to me requesting very formal "proposal photos." At first I excitedly thought I was going to get to do paparazzi shots of his wedding proposal, but this was even more exciting. His family is working on his arranged marriage, and there are a number of young women anxiously awaiting his picture. What an incredible and important job for me - I get to make him look like marriage material at first glance! 

Portrait Photographer - Baltimore Photo Shoot

My vision for him was formal, intelligent and educated - the perfect husband. He was understandably nervous about how these were going to turn out, and very forthcoming with me about his expectations. This was his first impression, it has to be flawless.

Portrait Photographer - Baltimore Photo Shoot

The interesting thing about men is that they're less reserved about their appearance and how they want to be portrayed. He told me al about the areas he wanted minimized and those he wanted to showcase. Ladies, take note! If you want me to minimize your arms, maximize your curves, showoff your eyes or hair, make you look younger or older - tell me! No, I won't photoshop you thinner, but some photographers can work miracles with lighting, angles and backdrop. I'll do my best! 

Portrait Photographer - Baltimore Photo Shoot


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