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Planning Your Photo Friendly Wedding

March 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


You might not consider your photographer a source of wedding planning advice, but I've seen it all! I always aim to document your day exactly as it happens, but there is a lot you can do to help get that magazine-perfect look that has been inspiring you. 

It’s all about the venue

All of the photos you see on the wedding planning sights, all of your favorites from my portfolio, everything you envision for your day, is all thanks to a spectacular location. The unique details are lovely and special, and certainly important. But the backdrop to your ceremony, to your first dance, to your couples portraits - that is paramount to getting the photo album you dream about. The Baltimore area is too full of historic architecture and lush landscapes for you to feel stuck with something that doesn’t speak to you. Ask me or your wedding planner for some unexpected ideas. 


Consider the time of day

This is a planning detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially if you want the glowing, sunset portraits you see throughout my galleries. I can absolutely accommodate the timeline of your day, but to have couple’s photos during the coveted “golden hour” is something that will make a statement on the wall of your home. We can discuss ideas for a first look or cocktail hour photos that will fit the vision for your wedding as well as a jaw-dropping photo album. 


Relish your time together

It can’t be stated enough how much you should relax and enjoy your status as a newlywed couple. This is your day! All your planning and effort is ultimately to allow you to have a romantic day full of love and happiness. Delegate what you can for any last minute details. A candid shot of a stressed bride is not going on your social media. Blissfully having your hair done with a cocktail in hand - that is. During our planning meetings, you’ll undoubtedly hear me say “stay together during your reception.” This is no small task, especially with larger guest lists. It is, however, essential to the romantic sweet-nothing moments that will be peppered throughout your gallery. You’ll call the image to mind and say lovingly to your spouse “I didn’t know you looked at me like that.” When I get that shot, I know your day has been a success. 


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