now this is picture perfect

who better to consult for a photo friendly

wedding than your photographer?

Forget the cute wedding hangers and stationary. You want the whole day to be magazine-worthy. These are the shots you'll be gushing over with your friends. It will be the album you take out to reminisce as your grandchildren plan their wedding. It has to be perfect. Picture perfect.

After photographing over 100 weddings, I've pretty much seen it all. From elegant extravaganzas, to intimate backyard micro-weddings. In my experience, there are plans a couple can make that will go a long way towards making their day not only flawlessly picturesque, but also the fun celebration they dream of.

It may seem obvious that the venue sets the scene for your wedding day and photos. Whether you'd love a backyard garden party, or elegant ballroom, there are venues to suit every vision and budget. Focus on the natural beauty of the space. It's infinitely easier to bring out that authenticity rather than to transform a space that doesn't already fit your style. If your dream is a waterfront ceremony, consider the differences between a true waterfront or perhaps a seaside themed ballroom wedding. Each will photograph quite uniquely and set the style of your entire wedding photo gallery.

A good photographer can capture your genuine love in any space you choose, but considering the light.

Details that matter

Are you a couple on a budget? Here are a few details that will will give you the most for your money in your wedding photos.

Bouquets and boutonnieres. You've likely heard this one before, and it's true! Your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets and men's boutonnieres set the theme of your whole wedding day. These florals bring color to your wedding party photos and allow you to carry that theme throughout your couple's portrait session. A good photographer can also use bouquets to add touches of color throughout the day to give otherwise simple shots an extra wow and cohesive look for your gallery. Bonus tip: Remember to grab your bouquet before your recessional back up the aisle!

Make up artist. Depending on your view, this may be a must-have, or easy thing to cut. From your photographer's perspective, it's certainly a must-have. I'd have to defer to the make up artists about how exactly they accomplish the amazing results they do, but I've seen first hand hundreds of times the difference that professional make up can make. Professional make up can bring out your best, and survive a long wedding day. If you've never worked with a make up artist before, do a test run for your engagement photos. There are so many styles, you want to feel and look your best on the wedding day. Testing out your make up for your engagement session allows you to see how it will look on camera and ensure it will outlast a long day.