Robyn Brown Photography | Portrait FAQs


Portrait Photography FAQs

What do we wear? 

Yes, that is almost always the first question I get when I confirm a portrait session. Unfortunately, I'm more of a photographer than fashionista, so I'm of very little help. Here's what I can recommend, and for more ideas you can check out my Pinterest board.  Chose solid colors and classic outfits. For most portraits, you want a timeless look. You also want the eye to be drawn to you, not the clothes or trendy jewelry. Darker colors are better than light, except for some infant shoots (see below.) Tiny print patterns and words/logos can be distracting. Try choosing outfits in the same color family, coordinating but not matching. For more, check out Pinterest or my past shoots for inspiration. 

Will you pose me/us?

Yes, of course! Most of my job is to make you look at feel your best. We'll spend some time getting to know each other and scoping out the location. After that, relax and I'll help you along! If there is a specific concern about your image you'd like me to highlight or avoid, please let me know. There's a lot I can do to make you look taller, slimmer, or like you have more hair. 


My kid(s) never smile for the camera. What do we do?!

No problem! Kids hate holding still and smiling, so we won't do that! For shoots with children, I keep them as short and sweet as possible. At the beginning, I do try to get one nice posed family shot. After that, the kids are free to run around, play, laugh and just be kids. I'll keep the camera on them and capture the moment just as it really is. They'll look adorable and just the way you know them.