This couple is so full of cheer, you would never guess that a rainy backyard wedding wasn't their first plan.

Tolly never stops laughing and the ear to ear grin never leaves Thomas. Just look at the way he looks at her! If they can smile through the challenges of planning, and replanning, a wedding this year, then they can surely expect a lifetime together of even more laughter and smiles! 

Just a few days after their engagement session, the pandemic restrictions began. Their original plans for a Baltimore wedding in the Spring was postponed until the following Summer, and they graciously downsized to an immediate family only celebration at his parent's DC home.

Throughout this year, I've seen so many silver linings to these intimate weddings. On this day, I witnessed how special it is for the couple to get married at a family home. It adds another happy memory to all they have and will share in this space. They were also able to add a few special touches - look at that elaborate bouquet! - that are easier to splurge on with a smaller guest list. I can't wait to add more unexpected lessons-learned from all the micro-weddings this year. 

And a special congrats to Tolly and Thomas on their romantic joy-filled wedding! I'll see you again in the summer for your full reception!